Types of Gambling Allowed in Kentucky

Gambling, which is explained as wagering or putting something of value on the outcome of a competition or game based on a component of chance, is extremely restricted in Kentucky.

Apparently, within the state’s borders, land-based casinos are nearly or not really found . Moreover, the attempts to introduce legislation to legalize them have all been unsuccessful.


Charitable Gambling

Raffles and bingo are two examples of charitable gambling that are legal but cannot be played online. There are no laws prohibiting social gambling, thus a Kentucky citizen has no reason to refrain from trying out any gaming in play money form or from signing up for a service like Zynga.



The residents of Kentucky are allowed to purchase lottery tickets. Participants of the game are free to play Powerball, Keno, Lucky Life, Cash ball, and Mega Millions. There are 39 Instant Play games, which operate similarly to online casino games, and are also hosted by the lottery.


Land-based Gambling

As a charitable gambling, land-based bingo is offered in Kentucky. Commercial internet bingo is not regulated, yet it is most likely considered to be a type of unlawful gambling. Therefore, if you choose to play at an offshore bingo site that accepts players from Kentucky, you are doing so at your own discretion.