When it comes to gambling in Kentucky, the options can seem endless. The state has a thriving casino industry, and it also has a handful of racetrack casinos that offer slots and table games. 

And thanks to the state’s legalization of sports betting, you can bet on horse races and other events from anywhere in the world. 

What You need to Know before Gambling in Kentucky

With so many options, how does one know which ones are right for them? Read on for everything you need to know before setting foot in one of the state’s casinos or racetracks.

Try Native American Casinos

Native American casinos in Kentucky are a unique experience. Not only are they run by Native American tribes, but you’re also free to take part in traditional Native American rituals at these locations.

Racing is a Major Industry

Racing is a major industry in Kentucky. The state is home to 15 racetracks, and while most of these are located in rural areas, you can bet on horse races at almost any of the state’s gaming sites.