Things You Need to Know about the Kentucky Gambling Commission

Kentucky, known for bluegrass and bourbon, has a complicated gaming relationship. Although there are no casinos or commercial sports betting, the state allows some gambling. Who monitors them? Kentucky has many gambling regulating authorities, so buckle up.

Charitable Gaming Dominates

The Kentucky Department of Charitable Gaming regulates gaming. In 1982, the DCG began overseeing charitable organizations that hold bingo nights, raffles, and pull-tab games. The name implies that these games are fair and the earnings go to charity.

Horse Racing: Fast and Furious

Kentucky wouldn’t be Kentucky without horse racing. KHRC rules this arena. The KHRC, founded in 1930, regulates all horse racing in the state, including pari-mutuel wagering. This protects horses and riders and the sport.

A Sign of Change?

Kentucky is taking a timid step toward sports betting as it grows in popularity nationwide. KHRC was just permitted to handle sports wagering, but details are still being worked out. No Kentucky sports betting launch date has been set as of June 2024.


Kentucky’s gambling landscape may not have a single commission, but the DCG and KHRC ensure fair play and responsible gambling. As sports betting evolves, Kentuckians may see a new regulating agency or the KHRC take on this task.