Fascinating Sports That You Can Bet On

Football and basketball could be the most popular sports for American bettors, but they can be a bit boring for serious sports bettors. What are your other choices? We bring you a list of the best-untapped niche sports markets.

Read on to learn which sports have the edge over sports betting and which have great potential to win big.

Reasons to Bet on Niche Sports

You may be good at odds makers, but you can’t be an expert in all sports. Use this to your advantage! The more obscure a sport is, the more likely you are to learn more than a sportsbook. Check this 먹튀 to check guarantee. 

These companies are naturally focused on mainstream sports. This is because most betting action comes from casual or expert bettors. By becoming an expert, bettors can stay one step ahead of the sportsbook.


It may still seem strange to bet on someone sitting in front of a TV screen and playing a computer game if you are a traditional bettor. Dubbed “the new college football,” his esports popularity is skyrocketing and shows no signs of slowing down. With a whopping $906 million market value in 2018, global gaming revenue is around $6.7 billion.

Online sportsbooks are starting to offer odds for esports events and tournaments like the Super Bowl and March Madness. You can bet on the tournament winner or who will get ten kills first in games like Call of Duty.

Motor Sports

If you think you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie, betting on motorsports will surely satisfy you! Choose from the Big 3: Formula 1, NASCAR, and MotoGP. With multiple tournaments each, there are many exciting betting opportunities.

Formula One races are judged using a point system to determine the driver’s champion and rank teams such as Ferrari and McLaren.


The Ultimate Fighting Championship has skyrocketed in popularity for high-profile fights and women’s UFC. However, when it comes to gambling is still considered a niche sport.

Once considered a “human cockfight,” boxing has come a long way. Its legitimacy offers more barbaric rules that make it acceptable in the mainstream world of esports and sports betting.

However, the oddsmakers have yet to match the UFC’s popularity, and sabotaging the sport is relatively new. This means you can find big odds that give you an edge.

This sport has more opportunities to win and lose than, say, boxing. Bet on different scenarios such as B. Technical Knockout or Submission. You can also bet on how these scenarios unfold from rear naked chokes or joint locks.

Ice Hockey

It may not be as important as soccer, but hockey has a strong following, which is often rough and fast-paced on ice. You can bet on many leagues, but the most popular are the World Championship, American Hockey League (AHL), and National Hockey League (NHL). Even college teams offer great betting promotions.

You can bet on sport-specific bets such as outright tournament winners, match results, over/under goals, correct scores, and pack lines similar to traditional spread bets.

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