Considering Legalization of Gambling in Kentucky



After the confiscation of 141 gambling domain names was unsuccessful, the US state of Kentucky could face a fundamental turnaround in terms of gambling on reputable gambling sites such as Slot Gacor. Governor Steve Beshear is publicly thinking about filling financial gaps through legal gambling.

The Democratic Governor of Kentucky, Steve Beshear, presented a 2-year spending plan when he took office in December 2008 – up to USD 18.5 billion dollars. But with the economy shrinking and less revenue, it won’t even come close to sticking to that spending plan. With too little revenue and too high expenses, the budget hole would not be nearly to be plugged. Savings in the education and social sectors were already planned, so the situation could become even worse.

Spokeswoman Jody Richards is a little hopeless in an interview with “I am concerned about the big problems that make it impossible for us to keep the budget together. We need more state income because we are currently underfunded.”

Ironically, the poker game & Co should now straighten the financial situation of Kentucky again. According to economic advisers, the annual revenue could be USD 600 million – the poker boom makes it possible.

Due to the predicament, Beshear is less and less averse to actually taking this step – to legalize gambling in Kentucky. And he is aware of how difficult it would be to push through this project during his legislative period. Both Richards and Beshear have not yet been able to collect enough MPs – at least 60 out of 100 would have to be. Only then would it come to the hearing in the Senate.


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Beshear’s spokeswoman Vicki Glass says in the interview: “I haven’t seen the budget plan in detail yet, but there is progress.” But what progress is being made? Kentucky’s budget has reached its lowest point, new revenue streams seem essential.

Even a hearing before the Senate would not guarantee the legalization of gambling. Recent developments in the gambling industry (near bankruptcies of Las Vegas Sand Corp. and MGM Mirage Inc., respectively) could jeopardize Governor Beshear’s bold plan.

There is unwavering support from Jody Richards: “I hope people are aware of the seriousness of the situation, this is not an exercise.” Paradoxical how quickly political opinions can change – only “yesterday” 141 Internet gambling sites were banned and blocked, and today legalization is being considered. Something like this is only possible in America.

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